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Are you a Caring Kidpower Adult?

I must say, when I got my copy of this book, I felt a bit daunted by the size of it.


Talk about value for money! I looked at it, rather than read it, for about 2 months. It just sat there next to my chair on the sill. I did eventually flick through it – without reading – and saw a colourful, organised, picture-inclusive book in which there proved to be a huge amount of helpful, life-changing information.

The Kidpower Book for Caring Adults: Personal Safety, Self-Protection, Confidence, and Advocacy for Young People

I wanted to train with Kidpower on the Instructor training and this was also my pre-course text book. When I have to do something and I’m afraid of failure, I tend to not do it – not until I have to or time’s running out and the pressure is on!

I was grateful for the generous amount of pictures which made me smile, taught me with visuals, sometimes without even having to read anything, I could see what was going on. But then I became engrossed when I started reading the text. It was so interesting and informative – then I had to know everything. I bought every single Kidpower book and also ordered the books by Gavin de Becker, who wrote the Foreword, which are incredibly hair-raising and honest.

Don’t be Afraid to Learn in different ways

Learning new things makes us wiser. Reading about how to protect your children is the textbook version of learning from someone else’s life lessons. Going to a Workshop allows you to interact with others and to learn from lots of people, and they can learn from you. It confirms for you that you are not alone! How many times do we need to hear that, my friends?

Know Thy Neighbour

Talking to your friends, or even strangers, about child protection and sharing great ideas and safety skills you’ve picked up, helps to create a community of protection around our children. Getting to know your neighbour rather than living in a bubble is a far safer way to live.

I wish you a delightful read.

Share with your community – Go On, be a STAR!


Highly recommended, add these books by Gavin de Becker to your collection.

Stranger Safety and Kidnapping Prevention Skills


Stranger Safety & 

Kidnapping Prevention Skills

There are hundreds of resources available for everyone to learn from and share on the website.  I spent over a year learning about child safety and advocacy and chose to train with Kidpower. I went to America in January 2016 and did my Instructor Training and now have a couple of workshop videos I need to record to complete my certification. We had the most wonderful time together. Such wonderful, inspirational people. I’m very proud to have been a part of the group in California this year, to have met the team and to have been trained by a lovely group who came from far and wide to train us new recruits. I think it was the children we taught who were training us!! Boy do they keep you on your toes!

I also met a wonderful South African lady who has taken Kidpower back home. I hope to share some stories about SA through her. So watch this space.

I’ve chosen the topic of stranger safety and kidnapping prevention skills because I’ve been reading articles about the awful trafficking that has been going on in Nepal since their earthquake a year ago, where the papers say government officials have been accepting bribes to traffic people into slavery, forced marriages, and the sex trade. It reminds me of my constant awareness of kidnapping and teaching my children about trusting their instincts with strangers, wherever we are. I hope you find this article informative and please keep browsing and learning from this incredible resource.

If you’re interested in attending a Kidpower workshop in Bristol over the next couple of months then please let me know so I can get you booked on.

Keep Safe.

Shocking Child Abuse Statistics – YOU do the math!

I was listening to a podcast yesterday where Professor Jane Barlow was discussing a document published by Jessica Kingsley: Safeguarding Children from Emotional Maltreatment.  It states that the number of children on the Child Protection Register is around 6% but that Child Abuse is believed to be around 10% of children, with statistics saying that emotional abuse is at least 30% of children. These figures were from 2009–10, with a known number of 88,700 children.

>>>>>>>FAST FORWARD 2016

The NSPCC, who probably have the best-documented statistics on child abuse in the United Kingdom, more recently estimated that there are more than likely eight times the number of reported cases of child abuse per annum – over 500,000 children – but admittedly, they “don’t know exactly how many children in the UK are victims of child abuse” because it “is usually hidden from view and children may be too young, too scared or too ashamed to tell anyone about what is happening to them.”

Demographics show that there are almost five times as many Americans (319 million) as Britons (64.5 million). American National Child Abuse organisation currently reports that “yearly, referrals to state child protective services (CPS) involve 6.6 million children, and around 3.2 million of those children are subject to an investigated report.”

America has been collecting far more robust figures than the UK for a much longer period of time.

So I thought I’d do the math:

6.6m and 3.2m of 319m is 2.07% and 1% respectively.

If the UK followed the same ratios, then

2.07% and 1% of 64.5m would be 1,335,000 and 645,000 children respectively.

Imagine if I’m right, and there are not “more than 500,000 children” as the NSPCC reports, but closer to 650,000 children requiring investigation EACH YEAR.

The words “THIS HAS TO STOP BEFORE IT STARTS” are ringing in my ears.

Please support me in my MISSION to get my workshops “out there” to your networks. I am working on getting them recorded and they will be up soon.

Resource: NSPCC

How Safe Are Our Children video

Jutte, S. et al (2015)  How safe are our children? The most comprehensive overview of child protection in the UK. London: NSPCC.

Preventing Abuse – Child Abuse and Neglect


Child Abuse Statistics

Resource: Safeguarding Children from Emotional Maltreatment. What Works … by Jessica Kingsley Publishers

“… Child development indicators of emotional abuse or neglect. 39 ….. most recent government statistics show that, in 2009–10, 88,700 children and …… The Lancet 371, 1595–1602; and Cuijpers, P. (2002) ‘Peer-led…”

Safeguarding Children Across Services Series


- Informed. Safe -

The author is not a mathematician nor a statistician and reserves the right to have incorrectly calculated the number of children. It still needs STOPPING!