What I’ve found in my research of CSE has been beyond comprehension. Not only what has happened to children who’ve been abused, but how little is being done to prevent these crimes from continuing to happen.

My journey is personal. My children were targeted by a paternal relative. There was no help for them because I was deemed by all the professionals to be “taking care of things extremely well”.

I pushed and pushed for help, which I felt I really needed as a single mother, especially because I didn’t know what to do and who to speak to. Was I doing it right? Would social services try to take my children away?

Doctors, CAMHS, school nurse, school family counsellor, community police, local counsellors and MPs – all were unable to offer the support, advice and representation to protect my children. All because I was competent.

This was the beginning of my child sexual exploitation and prevention of child abuse advocacy. My mission is to reach as many parents, teachers, adults and children of all ages, with the goal of educating all in the many ways that children can be protected.

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